Research Center for Japanese Garden Art and Historical Heritage

THE JAPANESE GARDEN Intensive Seminar Plus in Kyoto


Research Center for Japanese Garden Art & Historical Heritage

2-116 Uryu-yama, Kita-shirakawa,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8271 JAPAN

It takes about 1 week for the replay. This e-mail address is for the questions about the intensive seminar only. Any questions regarding your stay in Kyoto, please ask your selected hotel directly.

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Tentative Schedule

This schedule is a program that can take the following contents

  • History of Japanese Garden and Architecture
  • Shrine Gardens and Japanese Nature
  • Zen, Tea Culture, and Gardens
  • Dry Landscape and the Pond Garden
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Ancient Garden Heritage
  • Modern Gardens and Contemporary Landscape

* The schedule may be subject to change.

Sunday, October 14

Students Arrive

Monday, October 15

Morning: Registration & Orientation, Japanese tea ceremony
Afternoon: Visit Kyoto Kamigamo Shrine, Nishimura Shinto Priests' Houses

Schedule image 1-1 Schedule image 1-2

Tuesday, October 16

Morning: Introductory Lectures on the Japanese Garden
Afternoon: Visit the gardens of Kounji-ji, Zazen experience.
Visit the gardens of Watyu-an, Modern garden

Schedule image 2

Wednesday, October 17

Morning: Lectures on History of Japanese Architecture,
Afternoon: Visit the gardens of Daitoku-ji, Zen monastery
Visit the Garden of Suzaku, Contemporary garden

Thursday, October 18

Morning: Visit the Tenryu-ji
Afternoon: Visit the Kinkaku-ji and Ryoan-ji

Schedule image 3-1

Friday, October 19

Morning and Afternoon:

On-site lectures on Zen temples gardens and hands-on practice in pruning for balanced maintenance in a historical garden in the Nanzen-ji monastery compound

Schedule image 5-1 hands-on practice

Saturday, October 20

The Japanese Garden In-depth International Symposium

Speakers (tentative): Amasaki, Kuitert, Naka, and Guest Speakers from Inside and Outside of Japan

The Japanese Garden In-depth International Symposium The Japanese Garden In-depth International Symposium 2

Sunday, October 21

Free time all day

Monday, October 22

All day excursion to Nara; Archetypical gardens, Joruri Temple, Keihanna Park. Visit restoration sites of ancient gardens, and learn the theory and methods of the restoration. We also visit some examples of the contemporary gardens, and discuss their future possibilities.

Nara 1 Nara 2

Tuesday, October 23

Morning: Visit a stone cutter's workshop
Afternoon: Lectures on Japanese Gardens Outside of Japan International colloquium

stone cutter's workshop Lectures on Japanese Gardens Outside of Japan International colloquium

Wednesday, October 24

Morning: Lectures on the Materials and Construction, Visit Murin-an garden by Ogawa Jihei
Afternoon: Visit Tairyu-sanso garden by Ogawa Jihei, and Fukujyu-en Contemporary gardens by Prof. Amasaki Hiromasa

Thursday, October 25

Morning: Visit Byodo-in garden
Afternoon: Visit Daigo-ji garden

Friday, October 26

Morning: Visit Kyoto Imperial Palace
Afternoon: Visit another Imperial garden

Saturday, October 27

All day garden making workshop, deep in the Japanese moutains at Ashu

Schedule image 10-1 Schedule image 10-2

Sunday, October 28

Visit the house of Douglas Woodruff and return to Kyoto and a Closing Ceremony