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THE JAPANESE GARDEN Intensive Seminar Plus in Kyoto


Research Center for Japanese Garden Art & Historical Heritage

2-116 Uryu-yama, Kita-shirakawa,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8271 JAPAN

It takes about 1 week for the replay. This e-mail address is for the questions about the intensive seminar only. Any questions regarding your stay in Kyoto, please ask your selected hotel directly.

For any other questions, please use the following address:

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Intensive Seminar 2018  Application Form

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  • The Center will examine the contents of the application and select prospective participants.
  • The Center will inform all the applicants of the results of the selection.
  • After the selection has been made, the payment method will be informed to the accepted applicants (prospective participants).


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Medical Restrictions: The course is an intensive two weeks which requires a lot of walking. If you have any medical or physical restrictions please note them below.

Special Diet Questionnaire

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The answers given to this questionairre are for reference only.
No gurantee is made that the above items will be absent from all meals.

Selection of the Types of Your Stay

Please choose your room preference for your stay from the following two options, and indicate the number of your choice:

1) Shared room The seminar cost is 400,000 Japanese yen

(about $3,603US at ¥111/$1).

The PalaceSideHotel

  • Your selection will be determined on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • We will inform you if your first preference will not be possible.
  • The Center will be in charge of the room assignments for the above option 1.
  • No breakfast nor other meals will be included in the above costs except for the barbeque at Ashu in the evening of October 11th · 12th.
  • Any questions regarding the amenities and the facilities of the hotels, or questions regarding your stay during, before, or after the seminar, or any other questions regarding your stay in Kyoto, please contact your selected hotels directly. The Center will not be in charge of those questions.

* Applicants from certain countries will be required to have a personal guarantor (from Japan) before they can obtain a visa to enter Japan. Please check with the Japanese consulate in your country to see if a guarantor is required in your case. If a guarantor is required, you have to make those arrangements individually, and the Research Center for Japanese Garden Art & Historical Heritage cannot become a personal guarantor for any applicant or offer help in finding guarantors. If you are required to obtain a personal guarantor, please organize your plans for doing so before making an application to join the Seminar.

Privacy Policy:

We will use the information you provided to us in the application form only for the purpose of processing your application within the Research Center for Japanese Garden Art and Historical Heritage. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization.